Sculpting/banding wheel?

Anyone use a sculpting wheel or a banding wheel in your model making?

I’m thinking of getting one just based on stenciling this phantom I’m working on. It would be nice to move it easily as I need a different angle to tweak that tiny little decal a tiny little bit. They come in 12" and 7" size and seem to set a few inches up off the table. Thinking about using one makes me think of how handy it might be to be able to twist a model I’m working on. I’m wondering about downsides of it moving when I don’t want it to.

So looking to see if anyone has experience. It’s not unlike the turntable I use in my airbrush spray booth, fwiw.

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Could you make the airbrush booth turntable do double duty? I pull mine out occasionally, but I find I’d rather my model sit firmly in one spot more than needing to spin it around when building.

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Phil, check out LMG Corporation out of Ukraine. They have just what you’re looking for, and better. They make a turntable with click-stops so it stays where you put it. They also make all sorts of cradles for model airplanes and tanks and cars and ships so you can put them in any position you want them while you work on them. I have bought direct from this company many times before, their products are high quality and very economical. Very innovate, too. Highly recommended.