Sd. Kfz. 184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer Elephant 'Inspiration' by Jae kwon Yoo | Armorama™

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Following the link, your pictures are great! Fantastic job! I especially like your photos where you’ve put different backgrounds in place - really makes the diorama complete!

Now, just to carp a little bit, I think it would be pretty cool if you had made the dio as a crossroads, and the Elefant is sitting in the weeds, guarding the crossroads. But that’s just my 2 cents!

Again, a great dio!!

Since this was mentioned on another thread… would you consider this a product of the “Spanish method”? or just nicely executed model work?

Absolutely amazing diorama with impressive paint job on the tank, figures and scenery.
Thanks for sharing

Lol yeah …… whichever method one chooses to call it , it’s incredible work in my opinion. Everything is finished to a high degree. It all really pops. Beautiful

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I agree, only the placenames on the roaddirections don,t confifm with the depolyment eare,s of the jagdpanzer Elefant!

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Usually I only comment on models I like but I must make an exemption here. No matter how eye-catching it is, and the obvious skills building the scene, the tank is simply awful. Those scratches are completely un-realistic, with its two-colours and weird places (front of the casemate? seriously?), it has more rust than the Elefant at Aberdeen Proving Ground, which stayed careless on open air for 40 years or so, the zimmerit is almost flat, the interior of the hatches should not be white (I have seen only one photo, and it was not an Elefant), the muzzle brake does not get black, the bluish shade of the uniforms hurts, the periscope should be yellow…

Some modellers should look more to real photos of tanks instead of other modellers.

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