SD KFZ 234/2 antenna fit

What would the antennas be for a Sd Kfz 234/2? Hauler Models set shows a 1.4 meter for the star antenna and 1.4 meter on the turret. Or would there be a 2 meter on the turret. (as I understand 2 meter was the norm. , 1.4 was for command radios.)


They are both 1.4 meter.

What radios did they use. FuG-10 or 12? FuG-5?

About half of the vehicles were equipped with both the FuG. Spr. “A” and the Fu. 12 S.E. 80 radio sets. The later consisting of two receivers, the Torn E.b. and the MW. E. c. with the 80-W-S.a. transmitter. Hopefully I spelled those correctly, I’m not very familar with these radios. I believe Panzer Tracts #13 and Nuts and Bolts #40 have more complete information. Except for the fact that the Fu 12 used the 2 meter antenna. :face_with_spiral_eyes: I based my previous statement of a Hilary Doyle drawing showing both antennas as being 1.4 meters in length.

Mw.E.c (Mittelwellen Empfänger c) (