Sd Kfz 250/16 Ausf C , Part Zwei

Working on the pump and tanks for the flame system. I know the inside of the compartment is Dunkelgrau. What about the pump and tanks. I’m thinking field grey for the pump, with brass hose fittings and flat steel tank (pump fuel supply?) on top. Flame liquid tanks … dunkelgrau?

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Sounds good to me. Adds a bit of color variation to an already interesting model.

Note; if they were installed in the factory it would have been given a final uniform paint color over EVERYTHING before going out the door. However if this is to represent a field mod then having the two contrasting colors would be A-OK!

They were factory builds. (not the type of thing you want to try Rube Goldberg/ MacGiver ing in the field) My though being pumps and such were provided by vendors… like radios and such , and in tanks they were often left the makers colors.