Sd. Kfz. 9 FAMO research help needed

Hello fellow AFV modelers,

Maybe you have seen my topic in constructive feedback of my Sd. Kfz. 9 FAMO project from Tamiya.

The situation now is that is temporarily put on hold, since I have to make an important decision.
I have come to the point that I need to decide if I want to put on the front bumper or not.
And this also decides which painting and marking version/versions I want to build.

I did look some things up on
And I found some really interesting looking books specifically written about the Sd. Kfz. 9 FAMO that I thought could help me with that decision.
And provide me at the same time really interesting background information.

But, as I was doing my research for that on and clicked through the links there were on the books and magazines.
Like links to websites of producers etc. I realized that we are still having to deal with Covid 19.

As I was looking through this I realized this, as one book has to come from Italy, a magazine has to come from England.
I also want to buy issues about the FAMO from Nuts & Bolts.
And maybe some other books that I can’t currently remember anymore that I found interesting.

Now is my question, what are your experiences with ordering in Covid 19 times?
What would you do in my situation?
Would you buy these very specialized research materials to get along with your project?

Help is what I need with this critical decision.

Thank you in advance.

I can’t say anything about England or Italy delivery times now, but I recently ordered a Nuts and Bolts volume from the publisher and it arrived within 14 days to Bulgaria(approx. double the usual time).

My firm believe is that no money spent on refferencies is spent in vane.
I’ve been eyeballing B&N volume on Famo since some time too…


I had the chance to review the N&B volume on the Famo and I firmly believe you would hardly need anything else. As usual with this editor, you can find detailed information, scale drawings, colour profiles and photos of preserved vehicles.

You can order directly form them (if you want to combine shipping, take a look at the rest of their catalogue, all can be recommended)

Not sure how long would it take to reach you, but being in Germany I guess it should not be long.

If I’m correct, you are both saying that I can directly order the issues from Nuts & Blots.
And that it can take a lot longer to get the order at home.
Did you have any track and trace or something to keep an eye on the progress of the sending and delivery?
You also say that it would be wise to combine shipping to reduce costs, am I right about that?
Do I understand that right?
Regarding the other materials, I could do some searching on the internet for more information.

I’ve read through the constructive criticism post you made and based on the decision you are confronted with I am not sure you need specialized research material. While this kind of stuff is nice to have, especially if you’ll build more than one of a subject and you are adding extra detail stuff, in your situation I am not sure it is necessary.

In your original post you indicate that you have decided on panzer grey and not camoflauge. Based on this I think you have two marking options. One from Yugoslavia in 1941 and one from France 1943. The 1941 version doesn’t get a bumper while the 1943 does. There are also two other markings from 1943, one with and one without a bumper. Now I am no FAMO expert but based on this I think it is safe to say bumpers were added some time in 1943.

Reference material is great to have but I wouldn’t go drop $60 on reference material just to decide on bumper or no bumper.

HTH, good luck with the rest of the project


Yes. Follow the link Carlos provided.

Yes, twice the regular time.
If you are in the Netherlands and your normal delivery time from North Germany is 2 days, you need to count with at least 4 days.

No, I didn’t have track and trace.

Yes, that’s the general rule.
If you order more items from one vendor then your fixed delivery cost is carried by more items so you reduce your delivery surcharge per item.


Thank you all for your answers so far.
And it was also a good tip to think if I really need those research materials.
Or that it is just nice to buy them and get to know the subject a little better.
But internet could be providing the basic knowledge I would need to know a reasonable amount about my subject.
I also think now that it is better to read and research before I’m going into the project.
Rather then researching as I’m working on the project.

Anyway thanks for the help so far and this gives me new stuff to think about.

To further the comments about N&B shipping, I just got Vol.44 and it only took two weeks from Germany to Canada. Since a single book can fit in a cardboard envelop, it’s a bit easier to ship then a package. I also recently got 3 books similar in size to N&B books from Mattoli in Italy and they arrived in about 16 days.

As Angel has said, spending money on references is always money well spent. The internet is not the end all and be all of research and I actually get tired of people constantly asking where to find something on the internet when a book or books is readily available. Whenever I build, I always have a stack of reference books applicable to the project beside me.

Covid has not stopped me from ordering anything, anywhere in the world. While shipping in some cases is taking a bit longer or costing a bit more because there are less shipping options available, time frames are generally the same at this point (some better, some slightly worse) then pre-Covid. In the last 9 months I’ve had packages come from Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Russia, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Vietnam and probably a few others I’m forgetting, with no issues regarding the postal or courier systems

The N&B FAMO book is really good to have even if you don’t NEED it. Tons of great pictures and information.

My biggest fear is that the package never actually arrives and that it gets lost in the post or something.

I’m interested to read that you all have good overall experiences with ordering World wide.

I was planning to continue my project today, now I’m not sure anymore.

What would be my options just in case if my order gets lost or so?

I totally agree with you about the internet searching part.

I’m beginning to think that books are the best reference and research materials are. Not the internet.

I’m finding it difficult to build a good, solid and reliable system to do my research and reference for my scale modeling projects and such.

Thanks for replying, your answer is of high value for me.

Okay, thank you for your opinion.
With this in mind, plus my already knowledge I have about the N&B books. That they are having good overall review in the community. And that they are positively known in the community. That I have to check out these books myself.

Growth and depth of research should be matched to your growth and development of skills in modeling.

That is, purchasing reference books to learn information needed to add details and correct accuracy issues beyond what is included in the kit is not immediately necessary if you haven’t also developed the skills and techniques to do the additional work.

This may sound patronizing or elitist, and there is surely enjoyment in simply learning about the technical and historical details about the models. I certainly don’t want to discourage you from doing any research. I, myself, spend a lot more money on research books than I do on kits and supplies. I do this because I enjoy the research as much as I enjoy the modeling.

However, my general recommendation at this stage would be to press on with completing this model while concentrating on developing your modeling construction and finishing skills. A balanced approach towards both your modeling and study might prove best as you start in the hobby.

As you anticipate future projects, I would further suggest that you look initially towards more generalized references that cover broader subject ranges. So, for example, reference books on German camouflage and markings in general would answer your questions on how to paint this model as well as providing the same information for many other future models.

While the N&B volume on the FAMO halftracks is no doubt an excellent source of information, how many other FAMO halftracks do you plan to build? The book will almost surely answer your question about the front bumper, so it might help with this particular project, but it will not answer you more general questions about the camouflage and markings.

Consider research-reference books as investments. A good research library is based on a foundation of general references with more detailed and specific references added to build on those general ones. A study of German WWII camouflage and markings leads to information about maintenance and recovery units and vehicles. This then leads to a study of German halftracks in general which in its own turn, leads to the 18t FAMO.

However, if you start with reference materials specific to the FAMO, and your next model is an Opal Blitz 3t truck, then you still don’t have any useful reference materials. You’re liable to be right back where you are now asking questions about camouflage and markings. A book about German halftracks, though, would still be useful if, say, your next project is an SdKfz 251 halftrack, but you might still have questions about its camouflage and markings. A reference book on German WWII camouflage and markings, though, would help with all three models.


Every time you click the checkout button and pay for your order there is a chance that something will happen. However it isn’t anymore of a chance than pulling out of your drive way and getting hit by a truck. As long as you are buying from a reputable seller/manufacturer your chances are mitigated somewhat. I ordered an item from a seller in China, right when covid started. It still hasn’t arrived, although the seller still swore it was on it’s way to me. I payed with Paypal filed a dispute got my money back. So yes things happen but you can certainly reduce the chance. I order almost exclusively off of the internet anymore. Hundreds of transactions without issue. The Nuts & Bolts issue on the Famo is amazing and can’t recommend it enough. I will probably only ever build one, but Trumpeter is releasing 3 new Famo kits in the future so you never know.

Might I recommend a Facebook blog site entitled
German Halftrack and Softskin Research

Exellcent discussion information on all things German halftrack and softskin. Plus it is a place for you to ask specific questions and hopefully receive some answers or at least good advice.

Since the thread title appears to be a somewhat general question on all thing FAMO I am going to post a pet subject of mine covering the recovery Famo. It is my contention that the Tamiya accessory recovery plow only actually provides for half the variation.

If one where to build the recovery Famo exactly as Pappa Tamiya would have us, then when you were done with your recovery operation and trying to raise the plow for travel the winch cable would be working against a straight pull on the plow. The crew would have to physically lift the spade assembly some feet off the ground before the winch could offer enough leverage to actually raise the plow.

And the Germans knew this as well which is why they added this structure:

Excerpt from a US Army equipment analysis report:

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I’m not using Facebook, as it is a privacy nightmare.
And I hate that men behind the site, because he is just someone that wants to make money from you.
I’m privacy focussed. And I will never use that website ever again.
But if you have other sites you would recommend me, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Could you please post a link back to you “Constructive Criticism FAMO” thread?

I never posted any Critical thread regarding the Tamiya Famo except as it relates to the recovery spade which is covered again in full right here.
I did once post a thread “Waiting for a new Famo” which is in the archives which simply discussed other variants that Tamiya might or should make using their existing chassis. (Cranes, 88mm mounts, etc.)

As requested, here is the link to the building topic with constructive feedback: SD. Kfz. 9 FAMO