Sdkfz 234/4 Italeri 234/3+TamiyaPak40

I had an old Italeri box still in lire…

and I decided to follow the older project: convert in /4 with Tamiya Pak 40


Love seeing this kind of stuff. :+1: :+1:

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There’s some very clever work here. Love the opened louvres!


We can see that the concentration of scratches are effective points where most model builders would focus their attention.
I should learn your one with respectful!

found the correct position of side ammo box is really critical (probably I spent 6 or 7 nights to find the final position.)

I prepare the artillery

Amazing work, indeed. The way you have done the louvres is wonderful, they are perfectly aligned and evenly spaced. Interior is equally impressive, congratulations.

I used the Pak 40 in a diorama.
looks interesting- I can’t wait to see where this is headed!

Very nice tight improvement work there.

As a few others have mentioned, the whole effort looks very very nicely done but those louvres really show some thought out detailing. Nice plan and cleverly done :+1:

I testing my moulded wheels before painting… the third is my master

Very nice detail work!

Cool! Nice touch with the tires. I read they had a lot of problems with tires going flat often on these things.



painting don’t convice me at 100% so I will manage some small corrections


I’m with you, not sure about the paint job. It’s well done but a bit dark for my taste. However, judging by your previous work you no doubt pull this off and it will be a winner before all is said and done.

final cut
comments are welcome


I think it turned out pretty nice. The camo could be weathered a bit if your intentions are to tone it down some. Are you depicting a vehicle from a specific theatre ( Russian, Italy etc)?
Will this go into a diorama or vignette?


the photos are not the best
however I preferred to keep vivid colors because these vehicles were used to defend Germany and had a short operational time. My idea was to present armor assembled and commissioned quickly
for the same reason I have not fitted the spare wheel.
for the MG81Z anti-aircraft weapon I had to do a great research but this is also a sign that the allied air action was unchallenged

as usual I will put the model on a simple wooden base