Sdkfz 251 tracks

So I want to use aftermarket tracks for some models. Specifically, I want to use after market tracks for the AFC model of the Sturmbruckke Sdkfz 251 and other 251 varients and the Kfz 10. So with all of the new creations, are there any ideas as to those that work the best and are easiest to assembel? All ideas are gratefully welcomed.

I’d checkout Panzermeister36’s reviews to get an idea of what’s out there.

Panzermeister36 reviews aftermarket tracks part 1

Panzermeister36 reviews aftermarket tracks manufacturers part2

Personally, I like Sector35 & Fruilmodel.

This might help…

I used the AFV single links and, though they fit, I found them not the most pleasant tracks to work with…

As for easiest, you can’t get better than Minor, which come already assembled and just need to join the ends. You can get them for both the 251 and the Sd.Kfz.10, there are different versions for Tamiya and Dragon and you may have to check which ones would fit better AFV Club kits:

(if I remember correctly, they are evaluated also on the videos linked by Wade above)


It’s clickable. Very sharp.
3 other variants available, only here !
Designed in connection with famous collector…