Sea Hurricane Mk IIc Mid-March Release | AeroScale

March sees Arma Hobby releasing another edition of their award winning quarter scale Hurricane Mk.II’s, this time it’s the turn of the Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc

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Awesome looking model.

Huh, I did not know USAAF flew Hurricanes.

The Sea Hurricanes were operated by the Fleet Air Arm, but had American markings to avoid confusion with participating Allied forces during operation Torch. There were concerns that the Vichy France Air Force would counter the invasion, and their markings could easily be confused with British markings in the heat of combat. I think there was even a suggestion that British and commonwealth forces were to wear American uniforms.

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Okay. I recalled that US aircraft and vehicles had the American flag painted on them, but did not know that about the FAA wearing US insignia. I recall also that one of the concerns/hopes was that after Mers-el-Kébir, the French would fight the UK but not the US, and “re-flagging” would keep the French at bay.