SEA TAC colors (Vietnam)

I looked for Model Master colors and only found 2 colors.
I looked for a Life Color set and didn’t find one. Thought for sure they made a set of SEA Tactical colors.
So…I am looking for camo gray, dark tan, medium green, dark green and zinc chromate.
I normally use Tamiya and Model Master acrylics however it looks like I need to expand beyond those. What is your recommendation on a good fool proof airbrushable acrylic paint?
A brand I can easily get.

There is this set by Vallejo Model Air.

I use Vallejo Model Air colors with no issue, you can thin them with
Vallejo Airbrush Thinner(best) or even distilled water.

Ammo of MIG and AK also have some of the colors in a set but not as extensive as the Vallejo.

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Thanks. I don’t know much about Vallejo paint. Are there any heads up I need to know about when using their paint?

I forgot to tell you that you can use it alone or with its diluent. Thin layers and many passes.

Primer is needed. They have a paint retarder that will help with slowing dry tip especially if using Vallejo model color.

I’d second Vallejo too. Both the Modelair and regular are the most user friendly acrylics I’ve used. Good strong opaque colours and a massive range. They also clean up very easily with airbrush cleaner. I’ve converted almost completely to theirs after using Humbrol enamel for years.

I did this F-5A a couple of years ago for a campaign on the old site. Finished exclusively with Vallejo’s paints over rattle can primer. Can’t remember off the top of my head which colours I used though.

If you can find them, Revells Aqua paint is also very good but a bit limited in range. Hopefully they’ll do more in the future.


I use a mix of Vallejo, Tamiya and just started with Mission Models since my LHS started stocking them as replacement line since Model Master is fading fast, fast, fast and I love to support local. My limited time with them so far has been positive and nothing bad to say about Vallejo or Tamiya. MY LHS was Model Master heavy so I did accumulate a bunch of theirs but I’m cycling out and not replacing them. Mission is the same price as most others I listed, possibly a bit higher but the bottles are typically twice the serving size of the others. The guys are model builders and get a lot of feedback from the community on what colors they should add and they have those colors currently that you are after (and US based too). I’d recommend giving them a long hard look, lots of Youtube info on their line btw.