"Sea Wolf" WW2 German U-boat Commander 1/12 - Life Miniatures

Hello dear friends, I finished this bust in September of the last year.

I hope you like it and feel free to give suggestions, critics or doubts!


Outstanding job Cap sky! Your flesh tones and so warm and vibrant. Beautiful shade, shadow and highlights. May I ask what paints you are using?

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Hello Richard, thanks for your words.

I paint in the last year and maybe I don’t remember all paints but I try.

I used vallejo model color.
Base I used Mohogany Brown 70.846
First highlight I mixed the base with German Orange 70.805
Third highlight I mixed the second highlight with basic skintone 70.815
Fifth highlightI mixed the fourth highlight with Ice Yellow 70.858
And the last highlight I put a little bit of Ivory 70.918

For shadows I mixed the base with burnt red 70.814

For finish I apllied glazes with violet 70.960, old rose 70.944 and bright orange 70.851.

I hope I was able to help but if you have more questions I’m at your disposal to help.


Beautiful colours on this … Shading, highlights… Wish I could do figures at even 20% of this one … :+1::+1:

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I’ve seen this figure done quite a few times- most tend to go with dark, usually brown, hair. You’ve really changed the look simply by going with fair, blonde hair- its hard to believe how different it looks. Your hair and facial tones unite to create a very strong, expressive face.

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Thanks Johnny, the secret is choice a way and pratice, pratice a lot, if you can, paint minimun 30 minutes for day, this pratice improve fine coordination and your perception of colors.

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Thanks Karl, the choice for colors is very important, when we are going to paint we must think about the environment in which the figure is located, origin and everything else, then it becomes easier to paint.
About expression the secret is doing hard lines for reforce expression.

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Thanks for the color rundown, I will be trying this mix for my next figure. It looks much better than the current mix I’m using.

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Welcome, if you need just tell me.