Search & Rescue (1/35 converting)

For the environment of my SF Vehicle
using the trumpeter PMC in Iraq box and spare parts from the bit box

The idea

Cleaning up and get the right proportions/dynamic
I will sculpt the hands to the stretcher, think it will make the assembly a lot easier afterword’s

next more cutting of on the base figures


Cutting, breaking, fixing temporary

next building up


building up, it’s looking still messy I know
using Apoxysculpt and green stuff, so the figures will turn from grey to green during the progress.
using the two together results in getting the right consistence to work with, it stay just that little bit longer soft and get the right hard surface I need to work with afterword’s.
Green Stuff is very sticky and elastic , but never getting real hard.
Appoxy sculpt isn’t sticky and becomes very soon hard and corny to work with.
You can mix them like you wont, I preverb 60% Apoxy and 40 % green stuff getting the light green colour. But just experiment with it, you can do amazing things with it.


Did some minor things, building op some volume details on the boots of the wounded man.