Searching for 1/144th B-52G painting mask set

I have been looking with no success for a mask set for the G -52 by Revell. I am amazed with a LARGE amount of 1/144th B-52 kits that there would not be mask kits to be had easily enough. If anyone knows of a sure place to contact I would really appreciate the info!!!

Found these two sets:

Litespeed…appreciate this. I had seen the KV and the ASK state they are for the Great Wall kit. I am not acquainted with that line. So I feel the best bet is with the KV set as they call for the Revell kit. Closest I could find was Hannant’s so got it ordered. Have a time frame that will not make the delivery time unacceptable. Thanks for the help! I am always left with wondering why the US suppliers are on occasion unable to carry an item that I believe would be ordered often enough to have in stock.