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Luke Wilson and his stunning vignette/diorama "Searching for 6" Luke Wilson wanted to do a piece that had emotion in it from supposedly emotionless beings. 11 has been searching for his friend (6) for a long time and on finding him and pointing him out to his canine friend he sheds a tear for the end that his friend has met.

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For some reason, though, when I saw this I immediately thought of the dystopian short story (and movie) “A Boy and His Dog,” reminded about the final line (IIRC):

“Yea, she might not have had good taste, but she sure tasted good…”

That is a modified 1/20 Nutsplanet’s resin kit…very nice job!

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Thank you, I was going to ask :grin:

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“Ghost Company” is no longer part of the Nutsplanet product line. The Nutsplannet’s owner told me that he sold it years ago back to the South Korean sculptor who created it for Nutsplanet and Nutsplanet unfortunately never established another Sci-Fi product line.

As for that South Korean “Ghost Company” sculptor, I haven’t seen any new Sci-Fi sculpts from him for sale.

Thus, Nutsplanet’s “Ghost Company” is now rare and OOP and the original resin kits are hard to find.

The black base is unique…I don’t know where he got that.

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That’s why I couldn’t find it. Too bad, it looked like a cool kit

Hi guys.

Thank you firstly to Robbo for featuring my piece, I really appreciate it when other love what I do.

Thank you for the really nice comments, it makes it worth while making these creations, (I should do more)

In answer to the base. Its a one off I designed as I thought it would compliment the genera of the diorama. I cant remember who made it for me now as it was such a long time ago, but there are many base makers I’m sure would be happy to make this for anyone. I cant give exact measurements as I don’t have this piece anymore as I gifted it to Benny Sa the owner of Nuts Planet.

Again thank you for the nice comments. Stay Safe. :slight_smile: