Seen on FB: new figures from Model 3D Int

There are some new figures announced by Model 3D Int:
A Bulgarian a Lieutenant of the medic service, resting and smoking a a cigarette:

A Greek soldier from 1940/1941:

A set of Italian soldiers in Russia, 1943:

A Italian memorial with the bust of Mussolini:

FB site: Marco Florian
Their website is down at the moment, but they can also be found on Instagram:
and Twitter:


Interesting, don’t see many Bulgarian figures. What you think of the uniform @ayovtshev?

I think it’s fine, Ryan.

I don’t like the road sign though- it should read Битоля( a city in nowadays Northern Macedonia) instead of Витола.

Marco plans to make other Royal Bulgarian soldiers too and will visit next year’s Sofia Scale Model Show.I will be his customer, for sure.



I already thought you would be interested… Part of the reason why I posted this…

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Good to hear. I thought it looked ok too but I am not an expert.

I had to do a double take as I didn’t know Italy participated in the Eastern Front battles. Good thing Glenn didn’t ask me as I would have guessed wrong.

They were part of the defences around Stalingrad (amongst others)…

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