Selling a B-17F kit need some advice please

I have a 1:48 HK B-17F with Eduard Photo Etch Cockpit Nose Interior Radio Compartment Waist Section . All came from Sprue Brothers .
I have no idea what price to offer it at .
Thanks for any advice
Quint / Phantom 13

There isn’t an exact formula, there is how popular the kit is, how fast it has to be moved, is being sold to “make money”, create space or some other factor and what is shipping going to look like.

I start with generally 25-50% off retail if the nothing in the package is popular or hot right now. Looking at Scalemates for sales, eBay or model contests to judge market value. Then the how and why for the sale comes next. I might start at 25% off and after a bit work may way to 50% to move the kit. Modelers are super thrifty so you’re battling their cheapness vs your resolve to sell.

Doing a quick search I am ballparking $100-$150 for the package plus shipping.

My $0.02 which won’t buy much these days.


Thanks .
Selling it because I have the 1:32 Scale HK B-17F with the Eduard Big Sin Photo Etch set .

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That is a big plane!

Couple of additional thoughts

  1. How quickly do you want it gone?
  2. Shipping. You are competing with companies that ship items for $10 or less. a simple 1/35 armor kit costs me $15 to ship from Washington state to the mid west. $19 to the east coast and $13 to California.
    Shipping is by weight and or size. I tried to ship back some pillows my wife decided were not comfortable. $80 to return. The pillows and shipping did not cost that so we just threw out the pillows and were money ahead. Your asking price plus shipping needs to be enticing enough to get a maybe buyer to take the bait. If your price plus shipping is close to the online model shop price plus shipping, then you will probably have a difficult time selling it.
    Me, I ask for 50% of the online price and start there if I want it to move.
    If you have something that is unpopular due to subject or size, then a deeper discount may be needed or a lot of patients.