Selling a bunch of kits sale

I’m selling a bunch of kits I haven’t even looked at in a long time and don’t really plan on building. Most of these are open, a lot are partially built to some extent. I’ll update this as I clear out and go through my books.

Forgot to mention: Shipping from New York 11762. Prefer PayPal but if local, cash is acceptable.


  • Dragon 3517 M1A1-HA - box and some bags open, not started. Some parts may be free from the sprues because I was using them when making my CLAMS set. - SOLD

  • Dragon 3551 M48A1 - box and bags open, hull missing, used as part of an attempted T110E3 conversion. Parts only really. SOLD

  • Takom T29E3 - Box open, bags sealed, not started. $25

  • Tristar Marder III Ausf H. - Been wanting to keep and build it eventually but I’m never going to get around to it. First few steps have been started. SOLD

  • AFV Club M10 - Started. Most of the lower hull has been built. SOLD

  • Dragon US Armored Infantry Gen2 - Has some additional Tamiya figures included, along with additional Dragon gun sets, Verlinden US Uniform Badged (5 missing), and Kamizukuri FP-36 slings and webbing and helmets. To sweeten the deal, I’ll toss in a set of my own design M1 Garands, M1A1 Carbines, and Colt M1911, Mk II grenades, and M1 helmet sets. $20

  • Dragon Quartermaster series Allied Infantry Weapons - includes some extra weapons from various sets but I don’t know which. $5

  • Revell M60A3 - mostly assembled, not painted. Includes Fruil tracks. SOLD

  • Commanders Models Christie Tank conversions for Italeri BT-3 - I think it’s missing a part but I’m not sure which. I don’t have the base model. $5


  • Academy-Minicraft PA-18 Super Cub - box open, unstarted. SOLD

  • ICM C-45F/UC-45F - box open, bags sealed. SOLD

  • Eduard FE198 P-51 Placards SOLD


  • Revell SA330 Puma - box opened, bags sealed, unstarted - $5

  • Platz F6F-3 Hellcat. Boxed and unstarted. $10

  • Platz P-51D Mustang. Also boxed and unstarted. $10

  • Trumpeter F-14D Tomcat. Boxed and unstarted. $10

  • OzMods F-86 Sabre. Bagged and unstarted. $5

  • OzMods Lockheed T-33. Bagged and unstarted. $5

  • OzMods F-86D Sabre. Bagged but doesn’t include the label. Still has instructions and painting diagram. $5


  • Dragon USS Freedom LCS-1 - there’s an open bag but unstarted. SOLD

  • Hobbyboss USS Gato SS-212 1944 - box open, not started. $5

  • Trumpeter TBM Avenger - Nothing missing, box opened. $5

  • Skywave The Vehicles on Beach Head - missing some parts and vehicles. SOLD

  • Skywave DE-224 Rudderow class destroyer escort. Boxed and unstarted. $5

  • Midship Models USS Miami Cleveland class cruiser. Hull, superstructure, and turrets have been started. Most subassemblies have. Also includes 3DModelParts 20mm Oerlikons, quad and twin40mm Bofors, Mk 37 Fire Control Directors, and 5-inch/38 guns, plus Verlinden WWII Warship Crews PE sailors, Lionroar USN Radar set, Lionroar US Navy Anchors & Cable Holew set, Lionroar USN Boat Davits & Accessories, FStar doors and hatches, Voyager watertight doors and hatches, Tom’s Modelworks Inclined Ladders, White Ensign Models US Navy Floater Net Baskets, White Ensign Doors and hatches, and Gold Medal Models USN Cruiser/Destroyer PE set. A ton of stuff to super detail to your hearts content. I tried. It didn’t work for me, I just burnt myself out. $15


  • Museum Ordnance Special #22 “Luchs” - -Donated-

  • Squadron Signal M41 Walker Bulldog - -Donated-

  • The History of the Vietnam War by Douglas Welsh - decently large and comprehensive book. -Donated-

  • Famous Aircraft Series The P-47 Thunderbolt by Len Morgan. $5

  • Creatine Flying Legends by John M. Dibbs - a large table book with beautiful pictures of classic warbirds. $5

  • Barnes & Noble The World’s Strangest Aircraft by Michael Taylor - I’ve had this book a long time and it’s just been sitting in my bookcase. About time to pass it on to someone who’ll enjoy it. $5

  • The Anatomy of Aircraft by Bill Gunston - a book by the one and only Bill Gunston. Also been sitting for a while. The dust cover is fraying at the edges. $5

  • US Armor Camouflage and Markings World War II by Jim Mesko -Donated-

  • Squadron/Signal Armored No. 16 Sherman in Action by Bruce Culver -Donated-

*Squadron/Signal WWII US Sherman Tank in Action by Rob Ervin and David Doyle -Donated-

*Concord The Sherman at War European Theater 1942-1945 -Donated-

  • Concord The Sherman at War (2) European Theater 1943-1945 by Steve Zaloga -Donated-

  • Concord US Tank Destroyers in Combat by Steve Zaloga 1941-1945 -Donated-

  • The Story of the Texan all about the AT-6 Texan $5

  • Squadron/Signal 357th Fighter Group by James Order $5

  • Squadron/Signal US Light Cruisers in Action by Al Adcock $5

*Squadron/Signal US Aircraft Carriers in Action Part 1 by Robert Stern $6

  • Osprey US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45 by Mark Stille $5

  • Osprey US Heavy Cruisers 1941-45 by Mark Stille $5

*Osprey US Heavy Cruisers 1943-75 by Mark Stille $5

  • Concord US Half-Tracks in Combat 1941-1945 by Steve Zaloga -Donated-

  • Crescent Books Weapons & War Machines -Donated-

  • Tank by Kenneth Macksey and John Bachelor -Donated-

  • Bison Books The Battle of the Bulge by John Pimlott, no dust jacket $5

  • Fighter Pilot. The memoirs of Robin Olds $5

  • “Tanks are Mighty Fine Things” the story of the Chrysler tank plant during and just after WWII $5

  • Wings of Gold The US Naval Air Campaign in WWII by Gerald Astor $5

  • CV Carrier Aviation by Peter Garrison. In not so good shape, I’ve had it for years and the spine is falling off near the bottom $5

  • Zenith Press/Haynes M4 Sherman Tank Owners’ Workshop Manual by Pat Ware -Donated-

  • The Big Red One by James Scott Wheeler -Donated-


  • 29 Finescale Modeler magazines. From around 2016/2017. $40

I’m interested in the Revell M-60A3 if it is still available. I’m located in Illinois

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Bump. Sold a kit, changed a price, added some books.

Bump. Adding more books.

Bump. I added some Finescale Modeler magazines to the sale pile. 29 for only $50. Take them today before I drop them at the library next week.

Bump again. Anyone interested in anything?

Saw this to late, wanted the M60a3 and M48 stuff

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Bump. Getting close to the end of the week, if anyone wants the FSM mags, make an offer before they go to the library. Adding some new books and kits too.

Bump. Come on guys I really want to get rid of this stuff. I’ll lower most prices by $5.

Bump. Added a few ships and airplanes. One with everything one could want to super detail a cruiser!


I may be relocating to NYC in the next 60 days pending a lawsuit settlement and divorce.b where are you in relation to NYC, depending on that maybe I’ll be interested in helping you out.

Saw this too late. I would have wanted the M1A1 and Piper Cub. Darn…


I’m about an hour by train outside of NYC in Eastern Nassau County.

The AFV Club M10 is back on the menu as well! There’s interest, but not sold yet.

Updated some prices. Donated some books. Bump.

Buy with confidence. My kits arrived safe and quickly.:+1::+1:

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Cleveland package still available?

It is

Do you accept money orders? And also, is there a way to personally message you with my info? Mostly deal on hyperscale, kinda new to this site.

If you click on my profile picture in my replies, you can send me a message. And yes, I’ll take money orders but I’ll ship out after I receive and process the money order.