Selling custom 3D Prints for 1/35 and other scales of your choice

Hi all,
Just dawned on me that I could share some of my 3D prints with Armoramans here. If you’d like to order some custom-made 3D prints, let me know. I’ll see if I can make them, and sell them to you at a fraction of cost of what others are charging - b/c I am not a business but a hobbyist like most of you. I’ll just ask you to pay for the postage (sorry, the US 48 states only) and charge you a little for resin cost.
You can see some samples I have made recently.

I’ll only accept PayPal this time. PM me if interested.

Kind regards,


I have some designs i have made as well i would be happy to share. I do not want to pirate your thread though. Is there somewhere else on here that i could list them out?

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I’ll PM you, Sean. I am afraid that we’ll have to do some exchanges off-site through Google Drive or some sort.

Some samples. Just printed some modern accessories for a customer: these are in 1/16 scale.


Printed out some more things for a buyer:
Plastic crates

Modern flat back plastic stretchers


Peeps have been asking for what I have or a catalog. Don’t have an official list but here’s what I have printed so far. In addition, anything else can be requested as needed:

5 types of male figure heads
2 types of female figure heads
3 types of stretchers
2 types of sleeping mat rolls
4 types of boxes
2 types of MOLLE packs
1 type of sleeping bag
Set of 5 types of modern US supplies
3 types of coolers (Coleman style)
Modern tow hook (seen on Abrams or Bradley)
Small chains
Window A/C unit (for dioramas)
2 types of hand grenade
M14 rifle
M249 SAW (solid stock)
M249 SAW mini
2 types of M4 carbine
Toilet paper
Paper towel roll
Modern fuel can
LPG tank cylinder
Javelin missile launcher
Modern SF helmet (mid-cut)
M48/60 steel type wheels
M1 Abrams spare wheel
Jeep wheels
M60 MG (2 types)
Famas F1
BAR M1918
M2 50 cal and its parts
Leopard 2A5/6 track accessories


OK, so I’ve added some new ones to my list today:
5 gallon buckets [Home Depot style] with a handle and w/out a handle

Milk one gallon jug

Beverage cooler (Gatorade style) 3 types

$1 each in 1/35. All other scales - let’s discuss.

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Pm inbound.

How the above printed:

Stretchers - one of them has these engravings (“RESCUE +”) in the back, which I didn’t realize until printing. :smiley:

Some ERAs with them.


Added a lot more things to the inventory of files - can be printed in 1/35, 1/48, and other [larger] scales:
US electronic equipment suitcase

New stretchers (open and folded versions):

Will include some straps:

cargo binder may also be added:

I may work on a collapsed version like below if there’s enough interest:

55 gallon oil drum:


Blanket or tarp stowage:

Traffic cones

Other traffic things:

Traffic/road signs


Food-related things:
This pouch can represent a US MRE or any other generic food package.

Mugs. Not sure how the handles will print b/c of the small size.


Pasta drain pot
kitchen knife

Other random things:

Tools and tool boxes:


Planning to work on M-ATV or HEMTT wheel set:

Some locks:




As mentioned before, I’ll take any suggestions for [modern] accessories or after-market stuff to print.
Too many things to print! :smiley:

I’ve added some furry friends to the collection as well. :smiley:

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More things added today. Never ends. :smiley:

OK, I should stop for this week. More next week. :smiley:

Kind regards,


Finished printing an order in 1/35:

The little plastic flap on the cap didn’t come out fully but other details were captured.

MRE pouches, locks, 10L water can, electronic instrument suitcase, fuel can and water can as compared to the resin copies I made of plastic ones from some kits.

One of the handles broke though while taking it off the build platform:

The head cushions? came out nicely.

As expected, the straps didn’t come out well b/c they were too thin except for the one in the middle even with the supports I added:

Probably better remaking with some Evergreen strips anyway.
Another view:

Stretcher side view:

Top view:

Backboards came out nicely:

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Added more things available for sale.

Some trial prints - this one is still in the experimental phase:


Q-net seen on modern vehicles like on MRAPs and other modern vehicles.

Real thing in close-up:

Some radios

M249 in 1/16 for a customer

Next to a 1/35 version:

Modern radio in 1/16:

Folded plastic backboard stretcher:

The same radio in 1/35


Also, here’s a progress of collapsible litter (stretcher) project so far. Assembling parts virtually, not in plastic. At least, I don’t have to smell the glue. :smiley:

Real thing photos:


When unfolded:

Are those radios backpack radios? Any chance of finding these to print out? (Scroll to the bottom for Featured Capabilities).

Any chance of printing out modern skis, ski poles, and snowshoes? These are totally neglected on the figure market in any scale.

They look small enough to be backpack radios but I don’t know b/c my knowledge is limited on it. That’s why I am asking for people’s input on the other thread.

I do not think AN/PRC-171 Compact Team Radios are already available for download but they look simple enough for me to revise an existing CAD and design one myself for 3D printing.

I can print out modern skis, ski poles, and snowshoes no problem. No one has ordered those from me yet however.

Now also available for sale is the US vehicle spring antenna mast base - which I completely designed myself:


Here’s what the spring antenna mast base looks like after printing in 1/35: