Selling custom 3D Prints for 1/35 and other scales of your choice

I just wanted to drop a comment after stumbling across the site. Its excellent.

I currently am not on tbe market, but would for large dress marine at attention or saluting.

Anyway, chalk me up with a wow, great work.bookmarked.

Thanks for the comment Lance. I don’t do figures however. Not really selling 3D prints actively either but only to select few.
My latest thread is here: 3D prints and CADs Part 2 - by petition2God - #699 by Petition2God if you want to see more of my work and my cults3d page for CAD files: All the 3D models of petition2God・Cults

Welcome aboard Lance.

Does this work for a large scale Marine?

Super close.

Im really after a diorama of Marine 1, so need a salute. (And to picky, Im seeking the STL print file.)

But closer to the quarry! I think ill still add it to the collection.

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Love a Chappie.

Good luck, not many saluting figures in general that I have seen.

Hi all,
Black Friday sale of my STLs!
This week only from Nov. 19, 2023 to Nov. 25, 2023. Use the promo code 2023BLACKFRI to get 20% off all STL file downloads from my cults3D site in celebration of Thanksgiving in the US.

Kind regards,

Hi, these all look awesome, however, do you sell the STL files or just the printed products?

Welcome aboard. James has a site for some files.


Hi Barry,
As Ryan mentioned, you can find my downloadable STLs at my Cults3D page: All the 3D models of petition2God・Cults.
However, to bypass cults3D’s 20% fee and 1+ month waiting period for a payout, please consider purchasing the STL files directly from me. I can email them to you after PayPal. If you don’t see some things on the Cults3D site, which I have posted here, please let me know also.
Thanks for the inquiry.

Kind regards,

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Hi is there anywhere you are selling the STL for the goggles. Checked you’re cults3d account but the goggles aren’t on there.

Can I request 2 German Luftwaffe pilot helmets? Faceless and one open with nothing in it. And the other one was on its side closed in.

I cannot find that STL. I had a hard drive crash several months ago and could have lost it.

Unfortunately, no, Tom. My main focus is the modern armor or the US WWII stuff so WWII German pilot is out of scope for me. Plus, I am not taking new requests from new buyers at the moment.

@Uncle-Heavy or any of the administrators, could you please delete this thread because I am no longer accepting new 3D print requests?
Thank you.

Requested by Petition2God