Selling Off 30 year collection

Selling off my collection of 90+ kits, 90+detail sets and over 400 books for sale. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email at for complete list and prices.

Buyer pays shipping from 03053.




When I try clicking on your emaillink it says server can’t be found?

Yes, it is missing the @
Add it before and it should work.

Buy from Stan with confidence , no problems with getting my package from NH to PA in 2 days . Lots of good reference material with hard to beat prices.

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Got the book I wanted. Thanks!

Defiantly interested in that gun truck conversion. :grin: :+1:

so am I!

I’m wondering if he ships to the UK, if so may I suggest a duel sir, pistols at forty paces!

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You know what David, You can buy it. :grin:
I will be getting almost the same conversion from Danger Close for the same price so I’ll let you grab this!

@Panzer_modeler cheers mate but he might not ship to the UK…I did send an email I just hope it went through

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