Semovente 3D 1/35 Print Files Available


I created a series of 3D print designs for my recently completed Semovente M42 and am gradually making them available on 3DCults for free download. I will also be posting some other miscellany such as German tank jacks, jerry cans, Tiger track holders etc. - again for no charge. If anyone is interested they can find my creations here. 3D Cults


@MacFheargais Grannd, I don’t have a kit to use such parts as I’m not much into German armor but I still viewed your link to see your work and I must say…you are a champion in community like ours. Anyone who creates a wonderful parts and lets folks have them for free is a Topnotch dude in my book. It only makes me wish I had a printer or know low about it to try out your stuff just for fun.

This is a selfless act in time where guys are designing their own 3D CAD works and making One Off model to show us and pad themselves on the back. There are only hand full of guys I have see on the net that have done what you did.



Thanks Mike. Very kind words indeed and much appreciated. From my perspective it seemed to make sense to let other enthusiasts have the opportunity to use them rather than them sitting on my cloud storage gathering virtual dust!

I would also note that in their development I had the benefit of tons of research by other enthusiasts, all given freely, so, in a sense, I felt I was also, indirectly, giving a little back.

Thanks again.


Well done and very generous!


Hi Grannd, your models are indeed very nice, and thank you for your generosity. Although I rarely do WWII Axis kits, I can see some of these accessories coming in handy.
I just started to follow you on Cults3D. Here’s my page: All the 3D models of petition2God・Cults.
Btw, if you want to exchange ideas or trade CAD files, please let me know. My main focus is the post world war, Vietnam, modern US armor accessories/upgrades. Sometimes I do the WWII Allied parts.

Looks like you are using Fusion 360 or Solid Works to create your CADs?

Kind regards,

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Thanks James, if you can get some value from them then that is terrific. I’m primarily an Axis WWII modeller but who knows where I may go in the future so I will probably be in touch at some point; thank you for your kind offer.

The models are, as you suggest, the result of a wrestling match between me and Fusion 360! It’s been a steep learning curve as I had never used a CAD system before but I am now, slowly, getting to grips with it thanks to Youtube.