Semovente M42 - Italeri

I’ve always wanted to build one of these and, perhaps naively, plumped for the Italeri kit, particularly as it was ‘new moulds’. Unfortunately, the quality was far short of my usual choice of vendor, typically RFM or Dragon.

As a result, I have decided to dive into parametric modelling, I already have a 3D printer, and create my own components, as an experiment. First off the production line, were the bogey wheels and suspension which I have now started painting. I am relatively pleased with them, they are also articulated, unlike the Italeri version.

It just shows you what you can do with free software, a relatively cheap 3D printer and some free time.


Believe it or not, the Italeri kit is better than the Tamiya kit of the same subject. I’ve built both. The only thing better on the Tamiya kit is the retooled one that came with the new link & length tracks. Yes the Italeri kit is not 21st Century quality, but it’s damn good for 1970’s vintage.
Those 3-D printed bogie units that you created look great.


For me, and ME only, I struggle with 3d printing/printed kits. No doubt the detail is off the charts. But for me, the question has been, “is it actually model building”. Now before the Jack-a-lope nay sayers open up on me like a eighteenth century ships broadside, let me explain. I was raised during the dark times, which a fair peck of you have zero connection. The names, Renwal, Hawk, ESCI, Frog, Aoshima, Imai, Monogram, Heller and others have ZERO meaning to you. Kits that literally had 15 parts. Rubber band tracks, IF you were lucky. Most had figures that made Tamiya’s famous “split face” look awesome. The point being, there are times I think that modern modelers are somewhat spoiled. Now again that is just one man’s opinion. My generation was spoiled by Airfix Multi-pose figures, and Kasten Tracks. When Gunze Sanyo released their metal, resin and plastic combinations it was a revelation. The lesson for me, HAS been, that as the hobby has changed for BETTER and WORSE, so has the modeler. I was taught by the greatest modeler ever, Shep Paine. He was an artist that used all venues in his productions. As I contemplated that, I realized that is exactly what, you the modern 3D printer/printing modelers do. So what’s the difference, for me. I have no connection to this way of modeling, and that is OK, 3D modeling is more than likely the wave of the future, and you have embraced it.
Just some thoughts from an older modeler


Looks pretty good! The only thing I lack on your list is the third one - free time…


and the generation before that didn’t consider assembly of pre-shaped parts to be model building.
Model building was to get raw materials, maybe sheet styrene was approved, and carve your own parts.
The times they are a’changing

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Looks like I made the right choice then! Thanks, I’m pretty happy with the bogies. I have modelled most of the other components too, including the mudguards, drive wheel, tracks and exhausts and they have printed quite well too. It’s been a steep learning curve though!


You forgot Life-Like and Adams.


Thanks for your commentary. Like you I too was raised in dark times, as you put it! I still have a box of Stug III Kasten tracks in my stash and was also a fan of Paine, Verlinden et al. Coming back into the hobby since I retired I’m amazed at the great things that are now available, acrylic paint as one example instead of those horrible Humbrol enamel tins!

I’m keen to embrace any technology that makes my models better but as you say each to his own; there are many ways to skin a model cat.

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Some years back I went to a model engineers show that was full of hand-built steam engines etc. There was a guy with what we’d call a completely scratch-built model that started life as brass sheet and scale drawings, but he was being ragged on by the older heads because he used ready-made screws rather than turning his own from bar stock! Seems there’s always another level to which mere mortals aren’t invited…



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Believe it or not I’ve never built either! I have no explanation why, what with the scores of models I’ve done of dozens of artillery subjects. At least now I knowq which one to get.

That cammo is striking. I’ve never seen it before but I"m looking forward to the finished vehicle.

You will forgive me, I am getting OLD LOLOLOL

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Yes, the camouflage was one of the reasons for my interest, I think the scheme is called amoeba. It’s a bit fiddly to airbrush but looks pretty good and is excellent for chipping.

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