Serbian M84AS

I seen a image of the Serbian M84AS and it looks a lot like a Russian T90 but cant tell if it has the same angular turret or the rounded cast turret
the Tank peaked my interest want want to build it
i have a ton of leftover ZevzdA T90 parts and would love to add a Serbian M84AS to my collection

M-84AS1 (Serbia) – Latest Serbian variant in prototype stage. Adds additional armor, including explosive reactive armor, integrated day-night sighting system with thermal imager, command information system, a soft-kill active protection system, new radio system, Remote-controlled Weapons Station with 12.7 mm machine gun, and CBRN protection equipment.[19] Additionally, a domestic-developed 1200 HP engine was proposed, but was not accepted yet.
M84 is based on T-72M1 type so it has cast turret not welded one as on T-90A.
Anyway it includes many items of the T-90S with local improvement.
Note that hull is slighly different between T-72 and T-90.

so how difficult would be to add all the the T90 bells and whistles to Tamiya’s T72M1

M84AS1 is based on M84A, so a hull needs added frontal armor as Tamiya T72M offers, yet air filter is different, and you should add that detail on back right part of the hull. Try googling modelling M84A, and you will be able to find useful links for differences between T72, M84 and M84A. Turret has meteosensor, and DNNS aiming device that differentiate it from T72.
I posted back in the days useful links for modelling M84

Good luck!

Share sone pictures please

i managed to find these two…search that topic on the forum, you might be able to find more pics

Wikipedia has an article on these tanks : M84AS1
There are few pictures of the AS1 model 2017 and model 2020 and the last version AS2 with noticeable differences.