Serbian T34/85 with rubber armour

a Maquette T34/ 85 is moved in Serbian army

a Fanta can is needed to replace fenders and finiture


Looking great so far.

tank is finished
comments are welcome


Very nice model, your use of Fanta cans is amazing :slight_smile:

Best use of a Maquette T34/ 85 & Fanta can I’ve seen:)

Very nicely done!

Awesome tank, may I ask which paint you used and did you also make the rubber armor with fanta cans?
Very nice job

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I used plastic card to simulate rubber paint with Tire black of Gunze
Fanta cans (time ago I used beer…) is used to reply fender and other small particulars

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Thanks a lot for the answer man
Very nice model

This looks so great.Was going to ask about the rubber armor until I read your comment.What color did you use for the JNA green?

I use H50 acrilic gunze lime green

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