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I’m sure I’m not the only who has suffered this problem with Dragon’s ridiculous DS tracks…

I have Dragon’s Sexton kit (the one with CDP track). When I opened the box, the track was all kinds of f up. I messaged Australia’s importer last year, who promptly contacted Dragon in China. That was the best part of 15 months ago now, with no resolution in sight.

So my question…looking for any info from those with knowledge of these SPG’s on whether they used track other than the CDP’s in the kit. And concurrent with that, where I might find decals for vehicles using those alternate tracks?


Friul-tracks ATL-27 can replace Dragons DS (Dmn Sht) - tracks.
Another option is these from Panda Plastics (NOT the kit producer)

There are plenty of images of Sexton Mk II used by the British with ordinary Sherman tracks.
I can not confirm that there was a Sexton in the Canadian armed forces using ordinary Sherman tracks.
This link contains a Sexton with Sherman tracks:

I can’t guarantee that the image shows a vehicle in actual Canadian use, it could be British, since the page focuses on vehicles BUILT in Canada.
This link is a bit more promising:

Note that you will need Sherman sprockets since the CDP-adapted sprockets have teeth resembling the ones on Pz III & IV, short squared off teeth instead of the large pointy teeth on a regular Sherman sprocket.
This is also a feature which can identify a tank with CDP-tracks when the actual track link surfaces are not visible.
With CDP-adapted sprockets:

With regular Sherman sprocket (and extended end connectors, duckbills)
This image is included on the page in the more promising link above with the
caption: " Sextons of the 8th Field Regiment, RCA fire a 21 gun salute on VE Day, Groningen, The Netherlands, 8 May 1945. LAC Photo."

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My Sexton DS tracks are oily in the bag… So I won’t use them for sure !

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From memory, mine felt a bit like that too when I opened the bag after getting the kit. I doubt the bag helps them a great deal, causing them to sweat. Since the tracks have been out of the bag, they haven’t felt oily. Having said that, I’d still be suspicious of their ability to stick to the suspension & running gear of the completed kit

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The Panda Plastics (ex RHPS) tracks are economical, easy to assemble, and well detailed. Get them.


Re decals are you set on portraying a Canadian vehicle?

I have several sets of them and they are great

Sextons from the 23rd Field Regiment (S.P.) RCA during the Battle of Normandy :


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Not necessarily. I don’t have any Canadian armour subjects in my stash, but I would probably prefer to make it a British vehicle

Do you have a link or details regarding sourcing these? I have had a look for CDP track & can’t find anything

Roger that; I just wondered if you were pushed for markings/decals - but I’m not sure what the kit comes with in any case. British WW2 markings can be a bit tricky to decipher but I’m sure you know that(!)

The ones on mine went rotten too.
When I do build it, I’m replacing with a set of AFV Clubs band type T62 tracks I conveniently bought years ago. Probably not as nice as indy links, but a cheap option if you can find them. Fortunately the kit does have the usual M4 drive sprockets.
My other Dragon Sherman’s I’m using Panda tracks. DS is junk.

Have a look-see inside the box here:

Images are clickable and can be enlarged as well

Thanks Robin; I was concerned in case Shaun was deficient British markings - but I now see that the kit has some.