SGT Culin's M5A1 Stuart-Operation Cobra

I’m working on the AFV Club Stuart and I’d like to model the vehicle specific to SGT Curtis Culin’s - of hedgerow cutter fame- during Operation Cobra. He was part of the 102nd Cavalry (NJNG) which was attached to the 2nd Armored. There’s a photo of him in the drivers hatch that shows sand bags on the glacis plate but not much else. The NJ NG museum doesn’t have any photos and the historical society for his home town didn’t give me much either. They said his tank was named “Rhino” but I suspect that they are confusing it with the general term for hedgerow cutter equipped tanks. As it looks like I’ll be doing some “best guesses”, I was wondering if it would be appropriate to use the black camo scheme common to 2nd Armored vehicles at the time. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

I believe he wasn’t a tanker but a mechanic.
The photos that you see of him in a tank are just for propaganda.

I did find a newspaper article dating from wartime that refers to him as a tank commander but that could be wrong. I guess I’ll just have to use some artistic license!

Well, I did some googling and it looks like I’m wrong- Curtis G. Culin - Wikipedia

This might help- United States military tank M5A1 driven into heavy hedgerow with a Culin hedgerow...HD Stock Footage - YouTube

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Or maybe his tank was named “Rhino” and because of that, they started to call all of them “Rhino.”