Shapeways is dead!

Um - do you mean the ones I sold through SW? If so, I sill have the STL files if you know somebody with a printer - I’m sure we could come to an accommodation! PM me…



Do you mean me? I still have all my STL files, so if you have access to a printer we can talk…

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The big problem with SW was that anybody could set up an account and upload any old junk. There were some great designs, but you had to wade through tons of junk to find them! Those clunky welding bottles might have suited somebody’s needs, even if they were too crude for our exactly modelling needs. (One of the guys on the SW forums who posted frequently did details for LEGO figures - these were necessarily clunky by design…)

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If you hurry you may be able to download the STL files before the SW website disappears - it was still there yesterday. Assuming you uploaded those STLs to your own SW account, that is. Go to each product in the “my 3D models” section, click the three dots, and choose “download”.

[EDIT: Folks on the SW forum think the website will be a zombie at least until the next payment is due, so maybe to the end of the month?]

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Thanks for letting me know!

Yes, I like your prints. I don’t have a printer but know a few people I could talk to. I will ask around and PM you. Thanks for the offer.

Well said. I love your nickname for them “Robberways” as they were really expensive. I’ve always wanted a larger scale (1/32 - 1/24) Lunar Lander. ONE of the components they had, just one, was about US$135! Nothing fancy or large. Building the whole thing through them would have been a few thousand.

Home printers are the future.

Thank you,
I’ll follow up on this via PM.

I only ever bought a few things from them, a few years ago. They were subject to the limits of technology at the time and I’m sure they’re completely outclassed today. But I stopped when they became more and more expensive without becoming better. And their search engine was simply awful - they had a long time to get it together (and redesign their early 2000’s webpages) and just never did.

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3dprint: shapeways-executives-resign-as-3d-printing-service-files-for-bankruptcy

Enron style valuations make sure fired recipe for cripsy well seared sphincter.

The Big Bosses salvaged something for themselves?

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Yup - all the hallmarks of insider asset-stripping!


I am sorry to see them go as I used certain sellers for my WH40K stuff. Oh well I will have to see what some of the sellers go to.

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The website disappeared and now it has revived. Anyone know the story?

Nerves twitching.


but in all honesty: when I look at the prices that services like shapeways ask for a simple 3d print, and I compare that to what it would cost making the same print on a very good 3D resin printer at home (including the cost of the printer) , then I can very well understand that their turnover and profit are very low.

I am learning 3D modelling at the moment. Once I will have a decent collection of own models I want to print I will do just that :slight_smile:


Hi Tom,