Sheridan TTS turret ammo cans

How are the ammo cans on the turret of the Sheridan TTS secured? Are they straps or more like a metal bracket? The RFM kit comes whit the straps/brackets molded on and I can’t decide if they would be painted the same color as the tank (if they are brackets) or not (if they are straps). Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

Both, brackets at the lower corners of the boxes with a strap around the middle.


Is the strap made of canvas?

Thanks @Seanmcandrews. I knew the corner brackets were metal but was unsure about the strap.

Yes, the strap is canvas/fabric with metal buckles. The buckles are basically the same as on a fuel/water can. It is a friction clip that is pulled down tight over the ammo cans.

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Great photo, thanks.