Sherman at VFW

There’s a Sherman at West Point that had HVSS added to it later in its life. I don’t remember which model. But to do it right you’ll want to replicate the flame cuts on the lower hull to accomodate the new suspension. I might be able to dig up some photos. I know I took them. Unfortunately I have no folder named West Point as it wasn’t the ultimate destination on that trip.


Wade R-Model does a set of T66 metal tracks that are super nice at a great price point. Available via EBay.

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Matt, thank you. I’ll start looking for a set of RM T-66’s.

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No M4A1s were converted to HVSS. If it has HVSS it was “born” that way.

The more visible feature of converted tanks is that the suspension brackets are welded on with most of the bolts holes filled with weld metal or seal welded.

The tank at USMA is an M4A3(76) HVSS, SN 60009. This tank was built as HVSS, so the clearance notches on the lower hull edges should be machined, not torch-cut.


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I know it wasn’t an M4A1, nor did I claim it wast. I only could n ot remember which version, until Iooked it up last night on the West Point Museum site. Even so, whether flame cut or machined (my memory isn’t what it was) the difference will hardly be noticeable. The main point is that it should be modelled.

You are not getting what I’m saying.

  • The guy is making a model of an M4A1, so to “do it right” it should not have flame cut clearance cuts or welded on suspension brackets. It should have machined cuts and bolted brackets.

  • If anyone is making a model of a converted tank, a far more noticeable element to include than the surface texture of a notch hidden behind a bogie wheels is the weld around the suspension brackets and the lack of bolts. This is a flame cut notch with lighting to maximize the texture:

    and four other flame cut (and ground, as they all were) on the same tank:

  • You said you did not remember what is at USMA. I said it was an M4A3. I noted that it probably didn’t have flame cut notches.

Not everything is an attack.


Now did I take it as such. So kindly do not assume I did. I simply remember taking a photograph of the notches because they were visually interesting.

The response: “I know it wasn’t an M4A1, nor did I claim it was.” when no one even implied that you did is not what you typically see from someone just lets things roll off them.