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A new Sherman dozer blade kit is available from LANMO.

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Interesting. What ToO were these used in ? Pacific and Europe ? Would be good on a Dio.

Also, not knowing enough about Shermans, was that type of turret on that type of hull with that suspension, or was it specific for the dozer fit ??

Up to now we had the Academy plastic blade or the resin Verlinden one, so it’s about time we got a new one! Is it me, or does the box art scream AFV Club?


I believe the wider M1A1 blade was mostly used after WWII, especially by the US Marines who made extensive use of M4A3(105)H HVSS tanks fitted with these in Korea.

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I guess it’s not just you :wink:

By the way, here’s a USMC M4A3(105) HVSS dozer tank in Korea

In action



Is that tank in 1/35th ?



Me! Me!! Me!!!
Wanna have…

Yes, this would be a good basis for the M1A1 blade (better than Academy’s anyway), though I don’t remember if Dragon included USMC markings with the kit.

There’s a comparative review of both on Terry’s website :


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If one were to use Tamiya’s 105-kit and slapp on an HVSS-kit plus this dozer…
Would that make a decent combo?

Unfortunately, Tamiya kit turret has flaws too…


Those seem minor in comparisson?

M4A1 with dozer blade; 16th Engineers; Italy, 1944.

M4A2 with Dozer Blade; Unknown Unit; France, 1944.


Another M4A2 with Dozer Blade; 30th Infantry Division, France, 1944.


M4A3 with 105mm Howitzer with the dozer blade; probably used during the 1948 war of independence. Yad La-Shyrion Armored Forces Museum, Israel.

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It’s certainly feasible.

Despite the flaws pointed out by Terry, I decided to go with the Tamiya turret, which I mated with a Tasca M4A3E8 hull. That said, the Tamiya turret misses a lot of details beside the cast-in cheek armor reinforcement, which I added with putty.

One important detail missing is the flanges around the gun mantlet for the attachment of the dust cover. These flanges were factory installed on ALL 105mm Shermans. I stole one from the DML kit I had lying around.



Beautiful work on that Sherman. Excellent diorama as well. :+1:t3:


So in theory, this blade in the thread, would fit those Mk’s of Sherman in Europe ???

I would assume they would fit the VC Firefly Shermans, since the only major difference would be the replacement of the short 75mm M1 main gun for the British QF17 pounder. TO be honest, I have not seen a Commonwealth Sherman fitted with the Dozer Blade. YMMV.

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If I did ever get it and do it, I would only build it as a US one anyway :+1:

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