Sherman IIA C sqn 2 RTR Italy

Almost ready to paint. This is the アスカモデル(Asuka Model ) M4A1 76W but mine will be “Cameron” a Sherman IIA of 2 RTR in Italy. It’s got Aber photo etch and barrel, RB models .30 cal barrel, T-Rex-Studio periscope guards and rear light guards. The Turret hatches are from Meng (Originals got thrown out during a cleaning binge). Antenna bases are from PANZERART. Tools, spare tracks holders and coax barrel are Tiger Model Designs.


Nice initial post into the threads with what looks like a nice clean build so far. Kit looks good and I have heard from people in here that the Asuka kits are good ones. And of course, welcome to the threads … :+1:

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Great looking Sherman

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Welcome to Armorama! That is an awesome build and outstanding detailing! Lots of resources in this kit. Nice cast texturing. Looking forward to seeing more progress photos. You’ll find lots of friendly and knowledgeable guys here, stick around!

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Thanks for the welcome guys.

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Stowage added.


Nice realistic cargo rope on the stowage, what did you use ?

It’s a heavy nylon thread. Works great and doesn’t have those nasty little hairs.

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Gotta pull the pin, It’s time to prime.


Painting has begun. Using Tamiya OD lightened with Tamiya Desert Yellow thinned with MLT for the base coat. Following this I further lightened the base with Tamiya buff thinned to 70/30 paint to thinner hitting the centers of panels and obvious open areas. Once this dried I did a highly diluted and lightened shade of the base with more Tamiya Buff in a streaking manner. This looks stark now but after subsequent weathering it should fade out and blend in. Decals are the very nice Star decals set 35-974, laid straight onto the paint. Finally the whole thing is sealed with AK Gen 3 Satin in prep for more weathering. Next up is all the detail painting, post shading then weathering.


Very nice finish with that paint and how it turned out. Some nice worn and faded variations

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Cheers for that!


Sweet, very nice work! It’s so clean and well painted…

The cast hull M4A1 is the reason I fell in love with the sherman when I was a kid. It just looks so good to my eyes. There was a small picture library book by richard chamberlain, I think it was just called the “the sherman” or something like that, it featured a british El Alamein M4A1 on the cover and I was hooked from that point on. I back in the 1970s I checked that book out so many times that the librarian sold it to me for a quarter at the end of my 3rd grade school year! The library card had only my name on it from the whole time the book had been in the library, LOL!

I love all the different shermans now but early on it was the A1s that really got me into liking shermans so much. These later variants with the T-23 turrets that saw action in Cobra are and with Polish units plus some brit units in Italy are some of my personal favorites.

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Cheers @Shermaniac … For big hulks of OD Sherman’s really are awesome. There are so many different variants, paint schemes etc. Definitely my favourite tank as well.

Excellent job so far. Really love the subtle tones you created on the tank. I always forget the Brit’s used this version of the Sherman. Again nicely done !

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Thanks @metalhead85 I’m an old school builder trying some of these new fangled finishing technics. This build whilst being very long and drawn out is really starting to take shape.

Excellent work so far! Is that a 7th Armored Division insignia on the front left?

@ReluctantRenegade Thanks man! It’s a 7th Armoured Brigade marking. It represents a IIA near Forli, Italy, in December 1944.

Thanks. I wasn’t familiar with the red/green insignia.

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Managed to get a bit more bench time on the Sherman IIA.