Sherman MTO tracks

Well, my Polish ShermanI plans went down the toilet. What was the common US used tracks in Italy in 44? Few Photos I’ve seen early on seem to show T-41/51s with a sprinkling of WE-210s. Later, T- 54 or T-49 steel tracks seem most common. The T- 48 does not seem a popular in the MTO as NWE. Unfortunately Tamiya’s 1/48 M4 kits all have the T48s. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Try Panda Plastics for the Sherman tracks. They offer all of the track sets.

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Mia culpa. Thought I said the kits were 1/48. Found some 1/48 ones but … Need to know what type I need and see if he’s gonna restock.

A very quick google of “Sherman tank Italy” pulled up lots of images showing a wide range of types - T49, T62, T48, T51. The T62s are on Commonwealth tanks (S Africa etc) while the T48s are on US tanks. There were even pics of Commonwealth tanks with WE210s, but these were very worn-out…