Sherman reference

I am looking for a good online reference site for the Sherman family .
Also is there anyplace that has a listing by kit that shows the inacurices.

This is supposed to be the Sherman reference. All of the rivets to count.

Sadly I’ve got nothing that shows anything by kit, but I’d love it if such a thing existed.


If you try the Perth Military Modelling Site, I think from memory they have a couple of review builds on there.

Thank you for the assist

I looked at Perth briefly and got sidetracked

That link plus this is and bob’s your uncle.

Concur - Sherman Minutia is an excellent site for Sherman developmental history. :+1:

Sherman Minutia has everything except kits. Sherman minutia homepage

Hi Chris, with 50,000 built there are a LOT of variants of the Sherman! But in terms of general accuracy by variant the Tasca (now Asuka) kits are top-notch. The recent RFM kits are great too, as are the newer Tamiya kits of the M4A3E8 and the Israeli Supersherman (and M4A1 76mm “wet”). That may help you refine your search for individual reviews! I did some on the old Armorama site (now archived), and other reviews can be found on the web by searching by model designation.

Most of the DML kits are now way behind the times (except maybe the Op Cobra M4A1 76W), and the Italeri kits are sadly lacking. And Academy kits all have problems, as do the earlier Tamiya offerings.

Hope this helps!

I saw that. It is incredible site

A good source for after market parts is Tiger Model Designs All Products there prices are very reasonable, they are quick to respond and ship.

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