Shipping container colors ODS

Hi All

Im building Trumpys M915 and trailer. Can anyone confirm that black shipping containers were used during ODS?

The instructions suggest dark red [Tamiya 33?] but I’ve just primed it in Badger Stynlrez and I like it.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I don’t see any in black. Lots of red, blue, green and yellow.

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If you go 23 rows in from the left, then about 560 along, go right slightly and look under the red one, I’m sure that’s a black one tucked away in there… :grin:… …or maybe it’s a shadow :grin: … And yeah… I’m only fooling around

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Thanks Gino. I’ll go with yellow.

Yeah I see it too Johnny! Lol

Not funny! Those are undelivered model kits just sitting there! :package::package::package::package::package::package: :package:

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Probably ordered by robin @Uncle-Heavy :grin:


I would need an empty shipping container for the stash …



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Thanks Frenchy, its a good article.

I remember someone on here talking about the container doors/ locking mechanism being a little incorrect on the M915 and M872 kit.

I’ve done a wordsearch but no luck. If you were the poster, or know how I can find the post, * please let me know.


  • that line sounded a bit like the A -Team intro……

I can’t seem to find 1/35 shipping container decals. Is there such a thing?

I guess so…


Interesting. I tried to buy MSC and another decal sheet which at 5 Euros was fine, but they want 44 Euros to ship the small envelope.

I need to look elsewhere.

Thread drift, but I’ve ordered another M915 to use the trailer as a tandem axle version, to be pulled by an M800 series tractor.

Wondering what to do with the M915. There is the MMK guntruck conversion to make an OIF-era truck. Maybe a Shapeways cab to make a later model pulling a different load.

Any suggestions?

Just ordered the MSC shipping line decals from Unicorn in Belgium. Got a great deal from Erwin, who’s a nice guy to deal with. Now I need all the other decals, numbers etc. Any ideas?