Ships stanchions for Trumpeter Warspite

I recently purchased Atlantic models stanchions for ships guardrails in 1:350. anyone have experience installing this item? unique in that the PE stanchions are cemented to the deck followed by “fine flyfishing line to string the horizontal rails between the stanchions” this appeals to me since I am hesitant to take on PE railing.


this model has been stalled out for 3 years because I have photo etch phobia :grin: forum search was not successful

Asking out of curiosity as ships aren’t my area. How would PE railings be more difficult than PE stanchions that have to be threaded with fine fishing line?

Hopefully one of the forums fine ship modelers will post.

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Not sure but my thoughts as I sometimes have similar issues and a few ships in the future. Based on information by modelers on here I have been using Liquitex gloss medium gel or if you choose Gator Grip, both are water clean up so no messing with CA.

I would first practice on a dummy setup to work out the best order of operations. Install the stanchions first at a set distance. Wait a day for everything to set. Then use gravity to your advantage by tilting model on its side. Start with the lowest rung along the flattest line. Let that set for a day before working any curve section. Repeat process till you have correct number of rungs added.

Personally I would have went with traditional pe railing as this seems more difficult to me but hats off to ship modelers who have no issue. :+1:


It is a different approach that interests me, I rather use quick setting CA on individual stanchions to attach flyfishing line than muck around with generic PE railings. what also appeals to me is that Atlantic model product is 3D. I can’t explain why flat 2D railing bugs me so much OCD maybe? Being a Navy vet with 4 years of sea service brings back memories of what deck fittings should look like. no one makes PE that is designed for the Trumpeter Warspite, believe me I looked everywhere. the PE for the Academy Warspite would take significant modification to fit my model. I am going to give it a shot even though I know of no one that has tried this product. Thanks to all for the replies. somethings got to get me back on this build.

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