Shout out for my local 3D printing shop "Hero-Creations"

Though I joined a few years, I’m not very active, I hung around history subject than actually crafting. I generally don’t do this, but anyway.

I want to do a shout out to the local 3D shop I have been using: HERO 3D – HERO Creations.
Hero-Creations is a small shop, located in the suburb city of my city, in QC Canada. They mostly make stuff for table top games and scenery. They offer the shelves printed models, ready to ship, or customized models. They also do merging multipart model into one piece model to print, and vice versa, cutting one model to multiple part to print for the ease of painting. Re-scaling models to match order, etc. They print in both FDM filament and STL resin (you can use this page to understand people different type of printing).

I’m a little bit of a nuthead like many here about scale and detail, my orders are naturally more exigent and picky. I have contacted tried about a dozen 3D printing store, both local, in Canada (country is kind of big) and international through Etsy and Ebay. Most shops delivered nicely, some didn’t, some refuse because my wanted size is too small for their resin to cure. Most all, they are all generally quite pricey when it is not from their template. Nevertheless, Hero-Creations are happy to do it with an good price and high quality.

Here is some pictures of their shop:

Here are those I ordered from 3rd party files, one which I already show here before:

The base file is 32cm high with integrated base. I asked for a 6.8mm feet to head to be 1/32 lore accurate without the integrated, and it came exactly that size.

I can’t talk about the pricing for custom order and shipping, because I don’t know how they do that. They have a physical store, so I bike my way to the shop to pick up.


I recommend to get the print files from the legit author and not from reseller. These thing are hard to make. Most of them required to be built from the ground to avoid asset copyright. Even if you rip the model out of a game or a render, the renders use light map and texture map with minimal polygons surface to reduce the render load, and therefore look like a glop when printed out. They need intensive and professional work with polygons surface so that the printed item has the visible visual surface.

The source for the Halo model: Halo Infinite Master Chief Figurine - Pose 1 - 3D Print Files. The sculptor sell files and print wearable items for cosplayers, Star Wars 501st Legion cosplay group is his famous his client.
The source for Doom model: 3D Printable Doom Guy - Doom Eternal - 30cm Model by Printed Obsession They have original and fan made (with a little different here and there from the source material) sci-fi characters, like from Star Wars and Aliens.