Show your 2023 armor work

Just a few of my 2023 projects - all 1/72 scale:

  1. Jackal 2 in Afghanistan
  2. Norwegian Army BV206 on Arctic exercise
  3. Rebels in Chad
  4. Tobruk Crossing



Very nice base on the last one.

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Here is my 2023 build list.

M6A2 Linebacker Bradley ADA

PATRIOT Battery Project for my daughter, a US Army ADA Officer.

PAC-3 Launcher (earlier build, updated decals)

AN/MPQ-53 Radar

M1085 ECS (Engagement Control Station) Truck

M978A4 HEMTT Fueler

M871 30’ Flatbed Trailer


M777A2 Howitzer

M34 2-1/2 ton truck

And got a Ukrainian YPR-765A1 PRI .50 APC about half done.

That is 8 1/2 new builds and one rework. A pretty good year.


Here is my 2023 production.

Tiger Models Leopard 2 Revolution

RFM Challenger 2

Academy K2 Black Panther

Tamiya Comet

Tamiya Tiger 1/48

Tamiya Marder I

Tamiya T-34/85 1/48

Tamiya M4A3E8 1/48

Tiger Models T-90MS

Amusing T-72 Ural

Tamiya AMX -13

AFV Club M110

Hobbyboss Dana

Dragon Pz Bef Wg III Ausf K

Meng Leopard 2A7


Some fine works here guys. Looks like the 2023 was very productive for several of you. Keep up the fine work.

Paul, fine work and I will like to ask who produced this BV206 in 1/72? TIA



The BV206 was a 3D printed item from ‘Trains4U’.
This is a fairly basic kit, essentially designed to be
carried on a warflat wagon for model railway enthusiasts.
However, with a modicum of refinement, it has the
potential for a decent display model. As you can see, I
decided to depict the vehicle as a Norwegian Army version,
complete with scratch-built Barracuda camouflage system.

Thanks for the kind comments.



The M60 with the Dueler Dots is awesome.

What’s the bumper numbers of the M2A2?

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Thanks for the info Paul. I will sure to look into this as I have been getting an itch to build a similar kit in bright Arctic colors.

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1AD 1 CAV and A21
It was what I had at hand and some of it is tactically hidden by mud.

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I need to mention that the BV206 that I received had some prominent layer lines,
mainly due to it having been printed at 0.05mm layer height. Rather than being faced
with the laborious task of sanding these away, I opted to cover it with the Barracuda
camouflage system.
If you decide to order this item from Trains4U, it is worth asking them to print at
0.03mm layer height, which they will do for you on request. I have since received their
CVR(T) Spartan, printed at 0.03mm, and the result is much better.



Paul, thanks a million for this key info also. I will sure to keep this in mind. I have seen several 3D offering with layer issues. Perhaps, I will ask James or Mike here to see what they can do as I have purchased from them before and they did good work with hardly any visible layers.

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In 2023 my number of completed builds was way down from 2022. I only moved 8 models from the bench to the display case vs. 16 in 2022. 16 weeks of travel and a month with an eye issue that limited my depth perception were the main reasons for the drop in productivity.

UK Interwar Vicker’s No. 1 - 1:35 3D Printed resin - Vargas Scale Models (1/25/2023)

US Interwar Christie T3E2 - 1:35 3D Printed Resin - Vargas Scale Models (3/9/2023)

German WW1 Oberschlesien 1918 - 1:35 3D Printed Resin - Vargas Scale Models (3/29/23)

US WW1 6-Inch Coast Gun on M1917 Field Carriage -1:35 3D Printed Resin - Panzer Concepts (3/29/2023)

US Interwar M2A1 Medium Tank – 1:35 3D Printed Resin - Vargas Scale Models (6/8/2023)

US WW2 M1918 155mm Gun GPF WW2 (High Speed) - 1:35 Cast Resin - Commander Models (7/6/2023)

France WW1 Peugeot Char D’ Assaut C-2 - 1:35 3D Printed Resin - Vargas Scale Models (9/25/23)

US WW2 T19 Howitzer Motor Carriage - 1:35 Injection Styrene - Dragon (12/6/2023)

I have the following work-in-process builds all in 1:35:

  • US Interwar M1 Combat Car from Vargas Scale Models being weathered
  • US Vietnam M110 203mm Self-Propelled Howitzer from AFV Club is primed and ready for the paint booth
  • US late cold war M198 155mm Towed Howitzer (early) from Trumpeter has one last detail to be added
  • US WW2 M2A4 Light Tank from Vargas Scale Models in 3D printed resin is ready to prime
  • US WW2 T-16 / Marmon Harrignton CTLS-4TAC Light Tank from Commander Models in resin and 3D print is at a stopping point. The upper rear hull is not at all accurate and trying to decide how, or if, to continue.

In addition, I was able to “bag, tag, and clean” 4 kits while I had the eye problem. With limited depth perception I could de-sprue, clean, and bag parts by instruction assembly step. These 4 styrene kits should build pretty quickly now.

I should have more completions in 2024 as we have less travel booked.

Enjoy the New Year!


These are my late 2023 builds several recently completed but started in 2023.

First up the Trumpeter HIMARS. Wheeled vehicles are not really my thing but the kit was given by a friend and I was kind of interested in it but it’s not something I would actually buy. Typical Trumpeter kit no real issues although the frame at goes around the launch tubes was a rather poor fit. Biggest challenge for me was dealing with all the sub assemblies and painting them before everything was put together. Painted Tamiya NATO Green with my usual understated dust weathering.

Next up is the Trumpeter MLRS. Another kit given to me which I had an interest in but not enough to actually buy. Again the challenge for me was to paint all the subassemblies before getting it all together. NATOflage with Tamiya paints. I liked the way the camo scheme turned out.

The next two are IDF subjects that I started in September of last year prior to the events in Gaza. Dragon’s Magach with plow with the Legend stowage set. Used the DS mantlet but replaced the tracks with plastic indy links but don’t remember if they were AFV or Takom. Dragon make several renditions of the M60 including a few IDF vehicles. Problem lies with the attachment of the add on armor. There are no locating holes or guides to assist with placement and alignment. Mark 1 eyeballed to my best guess. Color is custom mixed. Plow was fun to paint and weather. Used some MIG weathering products to represent built up dirt.

AFV IDF Rochev OOB with Legend stowage. Stowage set is not a drop fit and took some work with the Dremel to get the items to sit properly in the front bins. Gear on the back was less of a problem but still took some work. Air recognition panel is aluminum foil .

Last up is Zevezda’s T62. A really nice kit. Simple build only 300+parts. No PE, Link and length tracks. Assembly was nearly Tamiya like. No issues with excellent fit. Nothing tricky. I was a nice break form the other more complex builds. Having said that I just started on the MiniArt Polish T55.


Impressive work, really nice!

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Very nice. I really like the IDF ones. They have a perfect finish. One pointer on the MLRS. The “C”-shaped pieces you have up at the front of the LLM are only up like that when reloading.

They lock the pods in when down and ready to fire.


This build is much bigger then I expect it, but I look forward to finish this year. RFM cutaway Panther 80% done


Thanks for the heads up on that Gino. Will try to correct them if it’s not too difficult.


I had a pretty good year for armor builds this year

Eastern Express 1/35 B-4 203mm Howitzer

Takom 1/35 M3 Lee, started by another modeler who died, and finished as part of a tribute build by Phoenix AMPS & IPMS members.

Tamiya 1/35 M151A2 TOW jeep modified to IDF configuration

plus I had a couple of starts that were sidelined and this Sci Fi Armor Shelf of Doom save :smirk:

and this guy telling you to get your armor off the beach… it’s very bad for the dog.


I remember the last figure; the British Beachmaster from “The Longest Day”. He was a real person too, Royal Navy Commodore Colin “Mad” Maud.

Colin Maud - Wikipedia


Nice looking arty and IDF “Jeep.” :+1: :+1: