Showing folks my sherman

Dragons Albin Irdzyk Sherman that has been a shelf queen for the longest time…gonna try to get this finished soon, just need to find tracks for it.


Welcome aboard. The Sherman is coming along nicely. :+1:

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Could you possibly just post the photos directly rather than as links please?

Makes your photos that much harder to view because of the imposed watermark across them and the rest of your “photo frame” is just one advertisement after another.
The KitMaker Network happily will host you photos directly on this site at no charge!

Speaking simply as a fellow contributor
Best Regards and keep up the good work!

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Welcome to the forums and nice build going on with the Sherman. I would echo what Michael said though, try posting the images directly here instead of a link, it’s very easy :+1:

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I would if my tablet would allow me to post images directly.
But my tab is malfunctioning, trying to resolve it.