Siegfried Line - M4A3 Sherman - 1/35

An old Panzer IV turret with some minor changes, a home made bunker and a small wood base are going to repesent a defensive position of the Siegfried Line. Overran by the Allied forces it is no longer effective. Captured guns and ammunition are collected to be send to the rear area.

Thanks a lot!


Very sharp looking dio!

:+1:t2: Love the groundwork/smashed sandbags/Sherman stowage. Your attention to detail is very good. The white tape indicates the path cleared of mines? Correct? Nice touch.


Looks very good!
The models and groundwork are well done and that trench, bunker & turret are excellent.
Like stated before the white tape is a nice accent, but the weapons and equipment look like unnecessary clutter to me. Doesn’t add anything. In this case less would have been more, but that is personal.

That is pure museum quality eye candy

Good Morning, gentlemen! Thanks a lot for the good words and advices. Armour_Buff, creading, Yeahwiggie and Chris! :+1:
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The trenchworks and sandbags are all scratch built? Very nice!

Thank you, Ken! :smile: