Signalman Jack The Baboon

Just happened to see this picture and it interested me so I did some research to learn about Signalman Jack and I thought I would share with everyone else.

Here are a few links about Jack.

Signalman Jack: The Baboon Who Worked for the Railroad—and Never Made a Mistake | Mental Floss

The Monkey Who Worked As an ‘Official’ Railway Signalman for 9 Years | by Shashwath Sriram | Lessons from History | Medium

Jack The Baboon Worked As A Railroad Signalman For Nine Years (

Jack (baboon) - Wikipedia


Jack had a better railroad career than I did!

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Very interesting indeed.

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LOL always knew a trained monkey could do a better job than some of my co-workers…calling this proof.


You’re going to confront them?

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Retired from the circus :circus_tent:

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