Silver Dragon / Gold Dragon

I have been making some molds and tipdying up the shop and decided to paint these 2 dragons.
One is done as a Silver Ice dragon and the other is done as a Gold Fire dragon.
This is not my normal stuff. It was a ton of fun though.


Nice looking dragons.


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@jimb . Thank you.
No matter what I tried with light , the gold dragon would not photograph consistently from all angles … It really dosent look as bad as the pics

ah songs of fire and ice or game of thrones by another name.

excellent work you’ve done there, well done indeed.

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@Klaus-Adler . Thank you my friend. These were a nice diversion. I don’t normally do this type of model

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Variety, they say, is the spice of life…
I don’t have a " normal stuff", I never know what I’m not going to get around to building next… :frowning_face:

Modelling the non-existent is the most relaxing form of the hobby - the success criteria are yours alone. The most satisfying build of the few I’ve managed of late was for a Sci-Fi “What If” GB; it was a sort of spacecraft built from only plastic scrap. It was crude, nasty, and I had a blast…

VERY nice dragons, by the way.