SINCGARS radio CADs for 3D printing

In this thread, I’ll be posting some CAD work for SINCGARS. I may do RT-1439 and RT-1523E if requested.
First, SINCGARS RT-1523B/C CAD done for 3D printing. Quite happy with the work. Too bad all the embossed letters won’t show up in 1/35 prints. Pretty darn close to the real thing I think. :smiley:
Thanks Tank1812 for requesting this design.

Reference photo:

Wasn’t sure about the rear so I had to guess…

Real thing:


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From the work I did on my SINCGARS ASIP and ICOM the rear looks fine.

Made some edits based on Tank 1812’s feedback.
Extended and angled the front handles? a bit more.

Hub bracket size increased and thickened:

Top view:

Revised the back based on a drawing in the technical manual - a bit simplified b/c I didn’t want to spend too much time:

TM drawing:

PM me with serious inquiries/buys only.

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SINCGARS RT-1523B/C in 1/35 printed today:

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and started working on SINCGARS RT-1523E/G today. :slight_smile:

Almost done.


OK, I’m calling this CAD for RT-1523E/F/G done! Ready for 3D printing.
PM me for serious inquiries only:

Reference photo:

Real thing:

What should I work on next?

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The radios look really good. Are you doing the mounts as well? They are kinda useless w/out the mounts.

Thank you, Gino.
Re: mounts, etc. - I know, right? That would be my next challenge - to make the whole set up: VAA mounts, rack, speakers, power amp/power supply adapter, and maybe the walkie talkie system next to it.

The problem is these look a lot more complicated to CAD accurately; I don’t have good dimensions/measurements; and having hard time gathering useful reference photos showing how they are all set up.

If you can help, please let me know. Thanks.

Sorry, other than pics off the net, I got nothing.

NP, Gino.

Gino or anyone else,
Does anyone have this set from Pro-Art models?

If this set is accurate, can one of you give me the measurements to help? Length, width (depth), and height will do!

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