Skif T-64A: A Christmas Build

Hey all, got some time off work and decided to take a break from the Arnhem build. I decided to tackle Skifs T-64A No. 202. So far the build hasn’t been bad and is quite entertaining. Not to much in terms of parts but a very unique set of directions. Sometimes there’s a lack of detail in the instructions so I’ve been looking at Trumpeters T-64 set to get an idea of what to do. But after working for two hours here’s my progress.


I tried building Skif’s T-64B, with a new resin turret. I couldn’t find suitabe tracks at the time (the kit tracks are not entirely accurate, & hard to make more accurate due to the material), & I eventually just bought a Trumpeter kit.



@Garrand by the looks of it the tracks will do. Not a huge fan of Skif tracks I’ve had kits where the tracks were to short. Worst case I’ll get trumpeter tracks if i run in an issue.


Yaay! 'Love the Skif kit T-64s. I built the A a long time ago; it then came to grief in my local hobby shop where it was displayed. I have another in the stash together with an etch set - God knows when I’ll get around to it.

As I recall one of the instructions/wheel placements is seriously askew but is actually quite obvious and I suspect you’ve already encountered that.

When I tackled their B version (or rather 2 of them in an attempt to replicate Soviet “mass”) I found the tracks somewhat lacking and acquired a Skif set of individual links - which, surprise, surprise, didn’t work in either construction or fit. I then invested in a set of Trumpeter tracks which went together very easily and fitted just fine. I would recommend them. Ditto an Eduard etch set – not that I used it all but it did help in some of the details. I thought the Comd’s MG a bit large and chunky so used an NSVT from an ICM Soviet-Afghan War Special Troops set. That’s not to say you won’t get an effect utilising what the kit provides. I think the kit Schnorkel was also quite chunky and think I scratched my own.

I really enjoyed this kit; I could hardly believe it when it came on to the market; whilst eclipsed by the Trumpeter versions, for its time it was the only game in town and I always think fondly of it.

Good luck with yours; I’ll certainly be watching.

@BootsDMS honestly this kit doesn’t seem to bad. The plastic is a bit less refined than than newer kits but it cuts easily. I honestly could have gotten most of this out together during the day but wanted to take my time. So far any issues I’ve come up on i just reference trumpeter directions online to ensure what I’m doing makes sense. I’m not a fan of just glueing parts on plastic with no guide holes which i did encounter for the rear lights. Besides that this has been a gem. If only i could read Ukrainian and understand the paint scheme right now. I may do a digital cam scheme on it for the Ukraine war and get the Valkyrie Ukrainian tank crew figures to crew it.

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I built their T-64BV several years back. I thought that the kit was decent as well. Not the best, but sure better than many older kits of Soviet tanks.

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@Stikpusher i still remember when Skif kits were cheap ish on eBay and now every time i see one it’s at least $28. They seem to have gone up I’m not sure if it’s cause of the war, inflation or a new interest but some of the eastern bloc company kits are starting to rise in price.

I’m at a 95% solution on this build. All that’s left to do is the tow cable and tracks, I’ll save the tracks for when im painting. Besides that this kit hasn’t been horrible. A few issues with not enough detail in directions but nothing that can’t be fixed. Will definitely need to do some putting on this prior to painting.


Man you’ve put this one together quite rapidly! Bravo!


@Stikpusher just putting my HBL to good use. Didn’t realize it would be a quick build to be honest. I brought it with me for leave figuring it would take two weeks. May start another Skif kit or may look at doing something else, not entirely sure yet.

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