Skif T-64B

Good afternoon (after a long time)

Nobody likes Skif - Kits …

… but they are cheap and with a little bit of refinement, one or two after market items (head lights from FC Model Trend, new towing cables) and some small scratch built items this cold war icon doesnt’t look to bad (at least to me).

I hope you like it …



Skif kits were a bit toylike however they were more accurate than the Dragon Soviet series of tanks and APCs in terms of dimensions.

You’ve done a good job on this one.


I agree with Olivier - nice work! I’m a great fan of Skif, really for nostalgic reasons rather than accuracy(!) - that said, for T-64s they were the only game in town for a while.

I tackled a couple of the same kit way back when; I should know how to cross reference it but I’ve forgotten. It’s lodged within the same Cold War piece under “T-64B from 3 Shock Army - Skif Kit” but that’s to detract; you’ve done a nice job with this kit, very nice indeed. The figures really make it too.

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Yup, another fan of Skif kits here. Your T-64B looks great! Looks like it’s coming back from a field exercise with all that mud!

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Skif, the hobby is going price crazy , but I’m a modeling addict and I’m in the NEED" I get it. Been there done that a few times ,
So, if it works for you, And it looks good to you, that’s all you.
I’ve built a few.
I’ve also wanted to chewy arm off in morning a few times :joy:

It’s a good it looks like the work was a good time behind the bench, that’s a compliment
Keep it up

I am a fan of people taking old kits and getting them to look nice… well done! :+1:

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I’ve only built 3 SKIF kits.
I like SKIF for the unique subject matter.

Your tank looks great!