Skoda rso radschlepper ost and 5 ton trailer

I have just completed the Riich Models Skoda RSO Radschlepper Ost and the 5Ton trailer by Das Werks.
comments are welcome.


Interesting subjects, not often seen together.

Beautiful work on all the service equipment details.

I’m really impressed with the regulators and shut offs on the oxy-acetatline tanks in the bed, as well as the addition of the vise to the front of the truck.

This is a beautifully done mobile repair outfit and I haven’t event mentioned the outstanding groundwork on the base.

Well done!


Thanks Arch!

Anhanger_fur_RSO_Pripjet_44_WeGe -

Skoda Trailer with Steel Wheels.


Unusual subject and very well executed! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the comments.

Outstanding MrT! Love the variety of cargo but keeping all “together” into the theme. Also, the variety of colors of items in the bed(s) really is nice, visually well executed. You did a top notch job! Congratulations… I have the Rso kit but haven’t started. Gives me inspiration to do so. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


Somewhere in Ohio

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Thanks Walter!

The Skoda RSO is an extremely nice kit and there are a number of different wheel styles available to give it a variety of different looks.

p.s. T that cargo load is amazing! Super well done.

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Hope you won’t mind the intrusion:

I rebuilt and drilled out the kit wheels to back-date my model to appear as the original Skoda built prototype.

Photos copyright Capricorn Publishing ~ Used here for Discussion ONLY.

I think at one time Panzer Concepts was offering the spoked RSO wheels in 3D printed resin, also perhaps Def Models???

Additionally I kit bashed an Italeri Opel Blitz truck into this farm cart/trailer to go with the RSO. I certainly wish the Das Werk trailer had been available back then.


Thanks for the info.

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