SKODA RSO-Radschlepper Ost by Chu Tuấn Cường | Armorama™

A fantastic build/diorama of a unusual prime mover designed by Ferdinhand Porche 1941 and produced by Škoda in Mladá Boleslav. Around 206 vehicles were produced between the years 1942–1944. A truly fantastic build from modelling friend Chu Tuấn Cường

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I am very happy to see a build of this vehicle. It is the first time Ive seen one since Riich Models produced it. Of course there may have been other published builds, but first time Ive seen one. I like it very much. I restrict my model building to France and Italy '44 after years of building anything with no goal in mind. Somehow at least one of these and maybe 2 showed up in the American sector of Normandy. Thank you very much Chu Tuan Cuong!