Skunkmodels 1/72 MQ-9 Reaper

My first completed model of the new year and this part of the forum. Also my first plane is a few years.

This build is based on information from a club member who gave me the kit (comes with two drones, gave one away to another club member) a bird from F Co, 160th SOAR.

Yes, I rubbed the paint off the front left. It will look fine in the back of the display case/area that no one else looks at. I fear a fix will make it worse.

I don’t know why I have more weathering on my plane then I do my tanks but it is what it is. See @G-man69 sometimes I go overboard. :roll_eyes:


That looks really good! I wasn’t aware the Night stalkers used reapers but go figure. It looks very threatening in black! This makes me want to finish my Predator!


Thanks. I built the AM version years ago. Very similar. You should finish yours. Looks like your almost there.

This article makes it a different version. My understanding is that they are grey but he said he saw a black one like their helos. So I went with that information.

That looks really nice.
Quite surprised how small the body is though, although I bet the wing span is impressive.
Andy :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The body without nose pitot tube is about 4” and one wing is 3 3/4”, so around close to 8” total. If I am not mistaken they make a 1/48 version as well. I do have a weight in the nose to help keep it sitting flat.

Yeah maybe I will finish mine, not much left to do… I will need to find some Hellfire’s though as I used the kit ones for a another protect.
The 160th SOAR is a really interesting unit, Ive read the book In
The Company Of Heros at least 4 times its a autobiography of Michal Durant a night stalker pilot.

Eduard makes a set in 1/72. I would have to look around as I am not sure if this kit has them or not.

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Yes Im aware of the Eduard set, but its a little pricy. Id appreciate if you check as if you have them I would be willing to buy them.
(Hopefully cheaper then Eduards.)

I will still look but an option. Seemed reasonable priced to me.

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Your right that is a pretty good price!

If you like these, PM me your address.

Sweet thanks alot Ryan!

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The rest of the model might be bad but that rubbed off spot on the nose kept nagging me so I fixed good enough to put it to bed.

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Nice save! Which kit is this? It looks pretty nice maybe I’ll do one someday.

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Thanks. It is the skunkmodels mold, Italeri and Kinetic have repopped it. Not sure which I had as it was in ziplock bag when I got it with no instructions or decals.

Brett Green of Hyperscale fame built the 1/48 version this year for those wanting something bigger Kinetic 1/48 MQ-9 Reaper by Brett Green

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