Sky colour?

Can anyone recommend a Tamiya matt blue aerosol that would be suitable for a sky backdrop? All too often the lid colour doesn’t quite match the paint, and rather than spending out on multiple cans (an expensive proposition), I would be interested to hear whether anyone has used one of the Tamiya colours for this purpose.


why not try or look at paint from your local hardware type store

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Yes, I’ve explored that avenue, but nothing suitable so far.


Hi Paul,

I have not used any Tamiya for backdrops. I really haven’t even painted a backdrop in a long time. I did a very very long time ago but it was a very small sheet.

Just curious, why do you want spray paint? A paint roller or even large brush will give you large coverage at a fraction of what spray cans give you. As far as the color goes, are you planning to make a nice crisp clear sky, or one with some clouds but no dust or haze? Everyone that I know of whether it’s in person or through books or videos use a common light blue or light blue gray. Despite some colors being called “sky blue,” there really is not a real color to match the sky. I just recently read an article that the sky looks different depending on what latitude you’re at, and it changes with the seasons as well as the time of day.

I would go out and find the cheapest can of light pastel blue you can find.

I agree with the other replies, I brush paint backdrops with a large brush (60-80 mm) and merge several blues and white with a hint of green foothills across on the bottom. I believe a monotone spray can blue would look wrong. I offer this photo of generic painted backdrop. Sorry they are not matching panels rather they were just sat in place to block out the random garage stuff the layout baseboards are sitting in. By the way I just purchase small paint test pots.

fullsizeoutput_1883 by tankienz, on Flickr


I used craft store paint…cheap….mixes well…


Paul, I think your skies are well done. In October I enjoy looking up at just a uniform solid blue, but I prefer my Skies to have a mixture of clouds and things in it, refracting light differently, casting Shadows on clouds etc. I don’t mind a little bit of haze near the horizon either. Skies like that are far more interesting and I think prettier than just a monochromatic blue.

Tell us about your Airfield diorama? It has a P-40 in it so I love it already!