Sloppy fitting road wheels

Tried using shrink wrap on axles. Learned that heat does not play well with styrene. :slight_smile: The wheels are from a Hobby Boss Super Pershing. There were no rubber bushings called for or included… Any suggestions for filling the wheel?

Stephen, if it were me, I’d fill in the new road wheels with styrene rod from your sprue collection or parts tree then bore out the rod with the appropriate drill to fit your swing arm axel. :thinking:

Cajun :crocodile:

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Wrap tape around axles until you get a snug fit with the wheels .

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I’d try the tape technique Sean suggested. I’ve used that before on occasion.

Eureka! Filled the wheel holes with latex. Popped 'em on. Let latex set up. Now have removable, snug fitting track system.
Back to the painting…

Thanks for the suggestions.

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A good idea as well, do you mean a latex caulk of some sort ?

That sounds good as well. But I used the fluid latex that can be used for masking.