Slovakia delivers S-300 system to Ukraine

Those trucks are massive, and
their engine sound is massive


I wonder how long it takes for them to recharge their battery array? They’re electric, right?


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Thank you Slovakia for helping Ukraine! Slava Ukraine!


What track gauge has the Ukrainian Railway? Russian or West European?



Moderators or whomsoever - please get this shifted to the apporpriate place before it all goes mad.

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Slovakia is home to Martin Kovac, aka Uncle Night Shift of YouTube modeling fame.

As long as the discussion stays focused on the equipment and how to build them, available kits, etc., it is fine here.

For example.

There are truck-mounted and tracked S-300 versions from Trumpeter; both in 1/35.

S-300 Radar Systems too.

Apparently Hobby Boss does a trailer-mounted version. It looks different from what is on the train in the above pic though.

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Only the first kit is relevant in this case. Honestly i dont want to go into much detail due to opsec.

A related question:

Are not/ were not these massive 8x8 trucks at one time built in the Ukraine?

(Just asking. I know I could be a 100% wrong!)

The KrAZ trucks were/are built in the Ukraine. I don’t believe the MAZ trucks were- I think they were/are Russian built.

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Minsk , Minsk Auto Zavod.


Ah thanks Sean- I wasn’t too sure :+1:.


What “opsec”? No one is asking where these are deployed or when they will reach operational capability. It’s not even the correct term for identifying what system Slovakia sent (as if that was even a question).

People claiming “opsec” when discussing a modeling question has absolutely nothing to do with OPerations SECurity are just trying to sound important. Those actually entrusted with security information are told from the outset that if you see open source mentions of a classified subject you say nothing, you offer nothing, you keep your mouth shut, and pretend you didn’t see it. If someone asks you a direct question you say only, “I can’t comment” and change the subject or take your leave. Idiotic statements like “I know something but I can’t tell you” only serve to identify you as a potential target, and to allow real intelligence operatives to focus on you and your past associations.



I made a comment regarding the kit, which I also have in the stash. And I agree with You fully. Im just bored and Im trying to make myself interesting. Lets leave it at that.

Well said.