SM.79 Classic Airframes

Been wanting to build this one for awhile and since my local club is having their annual contest, I thought I’d enter this one,

Bought this second hand and there were a few small resin pieces missing so I’m going to have to make a few.

Going to build it as a torpedo bomber and decided on 254-1 (the middle one)

Also got a Sky Decals sheet, an Alpha Flight resin torpedo and some True Details wheels since it only came with one!

I got a start on it the last few days with some cut outs to the body and gluing the main wing together

Since I’m going to have a few things open, I thought I’d scratch a bit of the interior.

And fixed up the pit. Added some aluminum tape seats belts, scratched new columns and wheels and the port bulkhead.

Next up will be some paint!


Another update!

Got the pit done and the fuse buttoned up!


Had a little trouble fitting the main wing but it worked well after some strategic sanding


Had to sand and fiddle with the canopy and though it will be hard to see, i tried building a rudimentary support structure behind the seats.

Fill and sanding is ok on this plane, as most of the join surfaces are flat with very little detail so you don’t have to be overly concerned with losing any. There is quite a bit though!

I kept the little doors I had cut off and ground them down to poise them open.

Added some detail to the wells. these are inaccurate as the wheel would not have the space to retract.

My kit had a chip in the tail so I repaired that with a small piece of sprue

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A second round of putty!